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What are the benefits of CBD oil for dogs?

CBD may help your dog by promoting relaxation, managing occasional stress, and providing relief from occasional sleeplessness. It may also provide positive mental support for your dog, helping to support their mood, maintain cardiovascular function, and help support joint flexibility. Our customers primarily use our dog CBD oil products help your pet by promoting relaxation, supporting occasional stress, and supporting joint flexibility.

However, you wouldn’t want to give just anything to your pup. As a pet owner, you want to be sure your dog is taken care of. The best CBD oil for dogs is a pure and potent hemp oil extract. Here’s our recommended CBD routine for your pup. Each of these steps is important in figuring out what works best for you and your furry friend, whether your dog is a new or experienced CBD user!

When should I give CBD to my dog?

CBD oil can be given to dogs ahead of a particular situation like the vet or the groomer. CBD oil for dogs could also be a great option before being in loud environments or long car trips. As with all supplements, we recommend starting with a minimum serving size and slowly building up as your dog’s body gets more and more used to the effects of CBD.

Step 1: Speak with your veterinarian

The first step when thinking about starting a CBD regimen for your dog is to talk to your veterinarian. Just like your personal doctor, a vet should always be aware of what you are giving your pet. Dogs are capable of processing cannabinoids just like humans, but your vet may still have certain reservations. Your vet is aware of your pet’s medical history, as well as any medications they may be on. They may also be able to help you come up with a routine that is most effective for their specific body and unique needs.

You may also want to ask your vet whether or not they have personal experience giving CBD to pets. There could be a possibility that they have given hemp to their own pet, or maybe they have guided other patients through the process of starting a hemp regimen. The more experience they have with CBD, the better they can guide you. If for some reason, your vet does not have experience with CBD, you can always ask them if they know another pet specialist who does.

Step 2: Find your dog’s preferred delivery method

The benefits of CBD for dogs will only help if your pet will cooperate in taking it, which is easier said than done at times. You can try putting it on a plate, in their food, in their water or give directly. This stage is all about trial and error. Each administration method absorbs into the dog’s body in a unique way, and some pets prefer one method over another.

Step 3: Decide the proper serving size of CBD your dog needs

The amount of CBD oil you give your pup depends on the size of your dog, and how new they are to CBD. Serving size recommendations can be found on the product packaging for dog owners to check before use.

Step 4: Observe your pup

Again, pets are capable of absorbing CBD properly because all mammals have an endocannabinoid system that knows exactly what to do with these compounds. However, every animal is different, and there’s always a low risk of a pet not responding well to CBD. Therefore, one of the most important things that you can ask your vet is, “What should I be looking for after giving my pet their first serving of hemp?

Are there any side effects of giving CBD to my dog?

In other words, you should be asking for any potential side effects, and what you should do should they occur. Your veterinarian will encourage you to monitor your pet closely after the first couple of servings just to make sure that they are processing CBD in the proper manner. On the other hand, the onset timeline of CBD for dogs will vary depending on the method of consumption and the size of your pup. It can take longer for the effects to fully set in on a larger animal.

What should I watch for when giving my dog CBD for the first time?

To know how your pet is doing, you can watch for a change in their behavior or demeanor. Are they calmer when they normally get worked up? Are they moving about more when their joints are normally more tired out for the day? No two pets will have the exact same reaction, so it is hard to give a definite answer on how to tell when the CBD oil is working in your pet. Our pets can’t speak but you will surely be able to see a difference when the CBD is working!

Step 5: Stay consistent and adjust the regimen as needed

It’s always wise to ask your veterinarian how long your dog should be taking CBD. CBD can be taken over a long period of time. Taking it consistently helps to see the true and lasting benefits CBD has for your pup. However, your vet knows your pet’s health very well and may feel that they should only maintain a CBD regimen for a particular time window. Make sure that you know whether this is a long-term or short-term plan, as this can determine the quantity you buy among other things.

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